Home Preparations

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House Hydrant

 Temperatures this time of year can vary.  Most modern houses are equiped with a frost free hydrant.  But when a hose is left on, the water is not able to exit the hydrant.  This can cause it to freeze and break the hydrant.  When spring comes around and you use that hydrant you may not know the problem.  A split hydrant can cause extensive water damage.  Make sure to unhook all garden hoses from your house hydrants.  The best way to prevent this is to make sure your water lines are protected
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Avoid Frozen Pipes

 Kansas winters can get cold and windy.  Crawl space water lines are susceptible to freezing.  A few ways to help or prevent this may be to make sure all openings are covered.  Insulation of pipes or heat tape on lines.  Leave cabinet doors open to let heat in.  Leaving faucets running will make it harder to freeze but the drain line can have issues and back up and cause an overflow of the sink so be careful doing this.